The Peninsula War 1808-1814


El Bruc (June 4th, 1808)

Author: [HWK]RTG. The Battle of El Bruc was an engagement fought between a French column and a body of Spanish volunteers. The French detachment under General Schwartz emerged from Barcelona on June 4, advancing in the direction of Zaragoza–Lérida. A rainstorm that day slowed their march considerably; the delay gave time for local Spanish forces, composed of militia from the neighboring villages, Catalan volunteers (somatén), and Swiss and Wallon soldiers from the Barcelona garrison, to mobilize for action. The map is a small 1 v 1 map, with no rules or upgrades.



Medina del Rio Seco (July 14th, 1808)

Author: [HWK]SirWilliam. A map that offers a classic split-forces situation, this battle saw an outnumbered French army (blue) under Marshall Bessieres attack one half of the Spanish army with gusto, and in defeating them, cause the remaining half to quit the field. The Spanish (red) are not obligated to hold the hill and may take any positions they wish on the field…the French are obliged to attack and attempt destruction of the enemy, wherever they may be. Read enclosed text first.



Vimeiro (August 21st, 1808)

Author: [HWK]The_Drake. HEW up-dated. Now featuring map objectives for the attacking French army, this classic map also features Wellington and more accurate troop compositions. Determined attacks by the French columns, including elite grenadiers, was not enough to drive Wellington from his solid positions on the ridges and in the town. Read "Map Rules" before playing.

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Espinosa (November 10-11th, 1808)

Author: [HWK]SirWilliam, Espinosa; Spanish Campaign (November 10-11, 1808) The Battle of Espinosa was fought on November 10 and November 11, 1808 at the township of Espinosa de los Monteros in the Cantabrian Mountains and resulted in a French victory under General Victor against Lieutenant General Joaquín Blake's Army of Galicia. No up-grades, blue attacks.



Somosierra; (November 30th, 1808)

Author: [HWK]Cheesy, Napoleon had advance towards madrid and found the pass of somosierra blocked by 9000 troops and 16 guns. He orderd an attack up the mountains on either side of the valley, which was repelled. Napoleon was insensed and orderd his escort, the Polish light horse to attack up the valley straight at the fortified artillery batteries. The charge was viewed back in poland as that of the British Light Brigade. French (blue) are obligated to attack, no upgrades.



Corunna (January 16th, 1809)

Author: [HWK]Stu, Corunna; Peninsular War (January 16, 1809) The French under Marshall Soult (blue) are hot on the trail of the retreating British army (red) that seeks to embark from the port city of Corunna for safety. British commander Sir John Moore lost his life leading the successful defense of the harried port town, allowing his troops to sail to safety and fight another day. This then is a mission map and the British must keep the superior French army from destroying the port for 45 minutes in order to make good their escape. Blue attacks, no up-grades, see Read First text in file.



Medellin (March 29th, 1809)

Author: [HWK]SirWilliam, Medellin; Peninsular War (March 29, 1809) France's Marshal Victor found himself attacked at Medillin by a larger force of Spaniards under the command of General Gregorio de la Cuesta. Victor's 18,000 troops initially fell back to better defensive lines and drew the Spanish on to them. Cuesta seemed in a very strong position until the cavalry on his left wing melted before a determined French hussar charge. The panicking lancers were joined in flight by most of the rest of the Spanish horse and Cuesta's infantry found itself in desperate trouble. A charge by Victor's dragoons shattered Spanish morale and almost immediately Cuesta's entire army disintegrated.



Douro (May 12th, 1809)

Author: [HWK]SirWilliam; By a stroke of boldness and luck, Sir Wellesley and his British army (red) found that the French under Marshall Soult (blue) had not taken up positions opposite him across the River Douro. Had French forces met his crossing on the banks, victory would have been impossible. As it was, the British forces that rafted across un-detected were enough to hold off French assaults until re-enforcements arrived, making this victory one of particular pride for Sir Wellesley. This is a mission map, red player must set orange to allied computer team player, up-grades for British cannon, read enclosed material before playing.


Talavera (July 27-28th, 1809)

Author: [HWK]Stu. Recently re-worked for 2008, this map now features a more accurate representation of the national contingents present in the French army plus an optional "objective" style play. This "objective" option is explained in the map download. A battle that saw an indecisive conclusion on the field, saw a definite drop in trust between Spanish and British allies as wounded Brits, left in Spanish care were in turn, left to the French. French (Blue) are obligated to attack on this map.



Busaco (September 27th, 1810)

Author: [HWK]Stu. An Allied army of British and Portuguese (red) sits atop a long ridge from which it will meet the impending French assault. The columns (from left to right) of General Reynier, Marshal Ney and Marshal Massena advance to drive the Allies off their scenic perch and crush Wellington's retreating army. The peaceful rolling hills and quiet convent that sits among them shall soon be witness to the fire, smoke and carnage of battle. No map rules, objectives or up-grades.

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Barossa (March 5th, 1811)

Author: [HWK]Stu. A much needed addition to our smaller 1 vs 1 collection, this battle offers some intense action for a vital stragic location, Barossa Hill, located map right. This beautiful location along the Iberian coast promises to be the scene of carnage as both sides unload point-blank volley and cannister to drive each other from the vital objective. Read Map Information for full details of battle.

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Fuentes de Onoro (May 5th, 1811)

Author: [HWK]Stu. A different interpretation of a favorite Hawks battle is offered here by Master Map maker Stu. The drive for Almeida and the taking of the town are not necessarily objectives this time, though the French are again, of course, on the attack. Instead, it is a last desperate attempt on the part of the French to break the defenses of the stubborn allied army. Bessiers had led a massive cavalry attack against the southern crossings…what will you do? The French objective is now simple but ominous…the allied army must be destroyed. No upgrades and no play restrictions.

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Albuera (May 16th, 1811)

Albuera (May 16, 1811) Author [HWK]SirWilliam, Albuera 1811 (Peninsular War), "The day was mine, and they did not know it, and would not run", a defeated Marshall Soult said after his French army (blue) crossed the river, drove back the Allied right, defeated the Portuguese/Spanish contingent of the Allied army (red) and seemingly gained the day, only to meet legendary resistance from the remaining English troops. The French cavalry presence is ominous here and can spell defeat for un-prepared Allied players. The Albuera River has several crossing points. Blue attacks, no upgrades.



Salamanca (July 22nd, 1812)

Salamanca (July 22, 1812) Author: [HWK]Stu. Marshall Marmont and his French army (blue) are pressured by King Joseph of Spain to obtain a victory against Wellington’s invading allied army (red). The French are on the attack here, and have sent a division to cut off what they think is an allied retreat. The hills and terrain (featured on this map) blocked from view the real situation…Wellington’s entire army laying in wait! There are two up-grades for British described in the Read First text as well as battle details and map particulars. Best if played by at least 4 players.



Vittoria (June 21st, 1813)

Author: [HWK]Stu, Vittoria; Peninsular War (June 21, 1813) The battle that sounded the death-knell for French occupation of Spain, massive amounts of treasure would be lost and the army of Joseph Bonaparte, King of Spain, would be shattered. The Allied British/Spanish/Portuguese Army (red) is on the attack and the French (blue) are defending. This map can be played using the objectives marked on the map, but should be agreed at the start of the battle No up-grades, many habitable buildings.