The Campaign Of Egypt 1798-1801


The Battle of Alexandria; (March 21st, 1801)

Author: [HWK]Sirwilliam. This is the first official Hawks map to feature the division of opposing armies into more than one color each. This new multi-color "MC" method will be used on certain large maps to facilitate group play. Here, the British (red and black) have landed in Egypt under the soon-to-be immortalized Sir Ralph Abercromby and have withdrawn to the heights after an initial attack on the French garrison. Recently bolstered with Fresh troops, the French (blue and purple) are now on the counter-attack. No up-grades or map objectives, read enclosed material before playing.

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The Battle of Canope; (March 21, 1801)

Author: [HWK]Kosciuszko. An excellent map for a short 1 vs 1 battle, this is our first Egyptian battle by a map-maker who favors exotic landscapes. A British expeditionary force seeks to exploit the weakening French position in Egypt after the naval battle of Aboukir. The hard-pressed French (blue) have sallied forth from Alexandria to meet the invading British (red). Though outnumbered, the attacking French, under energetic command, can still reverse history and win the assault against Abercromby’s forces. No-upgrades.