Hawks' Divided Nation

Our mod (Hawks' DN Mod or HDN), which is played using "American Conquest - Divided Nation", focuses entirely on the American Civil War. HDN is mainly geared toward balancing and enhancing the gameplay for our own multiplayer historical battles, and also adds a lot of new content. To get HDN, click the Download link on the left. Our current maps come with the mod, so you don't need to go looking for any other downloads.

One of the major features of HDN is the new Scenario Engine, which does things previously impossible in American Conquest, for example the mixed uniforms in each formation. Another very important aspect is the automatic updater, which ensures that all players have the same version of the mod and maps as they are improved, without manually downloading anything. This makes our multiplayer battles work smoothly without any compatibility problems, and allows new players to quickly get into the action. The Hawks Club (and our many guests) play HDN in multiplayer only, on our own custom created maps, featuring thousands of troops in giant, strategic conflicts. Come to the Hawks' Forum to learn more and meet us if you would like to join in the fun.